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Title: disappointed5/13/2016 9:33:54 PM
We have ordered food from here multiple times before they moved to Indiana st. the food in the past was always good, but tonight when it arrived it was over cooked, congealed and inedible. I called up and talked with the manager and all he said was sorry and he would talk to the cook. he offered 10 off the next order! I felt very disrespected at that after spending almost $50 for our meal.
Title: 2021/1/7 22:45:40
Thank you so much! I know you were about to close and we didn’t order a big ticket but as usual it was so fresh and delicious and my family thank you so much for always providing consistent quality we order usually the same thing every time and it’s better if not the same as what we expect. Thank you for working so hard! We appreciate you!
Title: 2020/7/6 19:58:06
the lady who answers and takes orders needs to know her menu better. My husband has been ordering Spicy Shrimp fried rice with extra shrimp for a long while. But she refused to take my order. And was trying to get me to buy a family of 3 order =$47 Which my husband get for $15-$17 Very disappointed. Its on there menu we decided to buy. Lady became rude when I repeated our order.
Title: 2020/6/15 21:34:51
I've been going in here for years and it is my all time favorite place in town. Tommy, Yoko and Leo treat me more like a friend than a customer. I tell everybody about this place and drag as many of them as I can to go with me when I go. Portions are big, service is great and the food is outstanding. I will be glad when they open again for inside dining. Hello my friends!! Tom
Title: 2020/5/1 22:42:11
I have been trying to call for 2 days now with no answer! I just want some seasomie balls and 2 meals. Please get back to me tonight. My # is 509 723 7001. Thank your
Title: 2020/4/29 15:57:17
Thank you for the many years of service and friendship -- We miss you all so much! We are waiting patiently for you to re-open, and we will be the one of the first families in line. Be well and safe, Tommy, Yoko and family!
Title: 2020/3/9 20:55:13
Hi guys, Our egg foo young was so overcooked and crunchy that you needed a knife to cut it and it was not good. I love your egg foo young and include it in every order we have delivered. I just wanted you to know how disappointing it was. Thanks, Patsy
Title: 2020/3/31 16:20:09
Thank you so much for many years of wonderful food. I have loved your restaurant and food for several years now. I look forward to your re-opening and will be the first of your returning customers. Please stay safe, there are a lot of bigots running around. Best wishes for the health and happiness of your families.
Title: 2020/10/10 12:52:48
Your delivery driver came to my door without his mask on properly, nose and mouth exposed, and I had to sign the credit slip. WTH people. We are in the middle of a pandemic. If you want to deliver to my house again you will need to follow protocol and let's do no contact like everyone else does. Get with the times.
Title: 2019/8/18 18:52:38
Im frustrated that we were charged more money for dinner buffet when it's the same food as lunch. My family likes the food but it's silly to charge a difference in price when you only serve chicken dishes. Thanks
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