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Title: 2020/3/9 20:55:13
Hi guys, Our egg foo young was so overcooked and crunchy that you needed a knife to cut it and it was not good. I love your egg foo young and include it in every order we have delivered. I just wanted you to know how disappointing it was. Thanks, Patsy
Title: 2020/3/31 16:20:09
Thank you so much for many years of wonderful food. I have loved your restaurant and food for several years now. I look forward to your re-opening and will be the first of your returning customers. Please stay safe, there are a lot of bigots running around. Best wishes for the health and happiness of your families.
Title: 2020/10/10 12:52:48
Your delivery driver came to my door without his mask on properly, nose and mouth exposed, and I had to sign the credit slip. WTH people. We are in the middle of a pandemic. If you want to deliver to my house again you will need to follow protocol and let's do no contact like everyone else does. Get with the times.
Title: 2019/8/18 18:52:38
Im frustrated that we were charged more money for dinner buffet when it's the same food as lunch. My family likes the food but it's silly to charge a difference in price when you only serve chicken dishes. Thanks
Title: 2019/5/8 17:10:29
We have ordered many BIG orders from here. We loved this place and have told everyone to check them out. Just went through and tried to order. New system is different and we had to order different than usual. Had an over 70.00 order all ready to go and be delivered and it says it will not deliver here. It has the many times we have ordered before. We will not be coming back if they are suddenly not interested in making their loyal customers happy.
Title: 2016-05-31T13:34:41.188-07:00
Love this place, and the food. Just love it.
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